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How to buy tickets for the San Mames BAT

If you want to buy tickets for the San Mames BAT to watch an Athletic Club match in one of the best areas in the San Mames stadium and enjoy a unique experience, keep reading.

More and more people are deciding to buy tickets in the San Mames BAT to experience football in a unique, comprehensive manner: with a gastronomic service, a multidisciplinary area and one of the best views of the pitch. In fact, in this regard the San Mames BAT has become one of the best alternatives not only for fans, but also for companies looking for different places to hold events in Bilbao or places to hold other types of meetings and/ or gatherings, and also for people coming to get to know Bilbao up close. Once you have made up your mind and want to experience football from this unique location, you are faced with another big question: how and where to buy tickets for the San Mames BAT. Don’t worry! We’ll tell you!

How to buy tickets in the San Mames BAT

First of all, you should know that there are 2 alternatives when buying tickets in the San Mames BAT.

Buying a BAT pass in the San Mames BAT.

VIP passes for the San Mames BAT allow you to enjoy a unique experience in the stadium for more than 4 hours with all the comforts. This includes:

  • The match lasts 4 hours. Go in an hour and a half before the match to experience the atmosphere beforehand.
  • League and Cup. All League and Cup matches included.
  • Screens with replays, live match and all details.
  • Cuisine with the best selection of creations by our team of Bizkaian chefs, who have a total of 10 Michelin stars between them.
  • Drinks included throughout the match.
  • Networking. Access all communal areas shared by boxes and seats.
  • Personalised service.
  • Exclusive access to the ground.
  • Car park. Possibility of renting a parking space in San Mames for every 4 VIP seats.

The prices for San Mames BAT passes vary by area.

Buying tickets for a match in the San Mames BAT:

If, on the other hand, you want to experience an Athletic Club match from this area, you have the option to buy tickets for the San Mames BAT. The services included are as follows:

  • Exclusive access.
  • Gastronomic service included.
  • Available from an hour and a half before the match and an hour after the match has finished.
  • Personalised service.
  • WIFI and TV with a dedicated circuit.
  • Direct access to the Athletic Club official shop.

We hope that you enjoy this unique experience and don't think twice about it.


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