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Innovation in the construction of the San Mames stadium

Innovation in the construction of the San Mames stadium is a reality, but... what makes it a modern and innovative facility? Find out more.

Why innovation in the construction of the San Mames stadium is a reality

  1. The aim of the building’s design is to preserve and improve the current atmosphere of stadium-filling sound from the songs of the Athletic fans.
  2. As well as football stadium, it has other facilities, such as a sports medicine unit, an underground athletics centre, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and areas for events and conferences in Bilbao.
  3. It is the safest stadium in Europe. It was designed to adapt to new safety regulations and meet the seating capacity requirement for fans.
  4. Its integration into the urban fabric stands out.
  5. Its phased construction meant that one end of the stadium remained open for a season.
  6. The halls were devised as open areas with a high degree of ventilation, where the design of the panels on the façade offers protection from atmospheric elements.
  7. The design has made it possible to reduce the requirements for air conditioning and fire protection, with consequent cost savings and reduced installation times.
  8. The high use of recycled and locally sourced materials has allowed the building's environmental footprint to be significantly reduced, and there has also been a reduction of harmful particles in the air through the use of environmentally-friendly materials.
  9. In addition, there have been savings in lighting and water.

Awards and recognitions certifying innovation in the construction of the San Mames stadium

  1. Best sports building in the world at the World Architecture Festival 2015.
  2. The roof of the San Mames Stadium, designed by the engineering firm Idom, was rewarded at the International Structural Awards.
  3. First European ground to receive LEED sustainable building certification.
  4. The work on the new roof, carried out by Inbisa Construcción, was awarded as the best façade and roof structure at the 3rd ACHE Association Engineering Awards.
  5. The safest stadium in Europe as it is the only one to have obtained UNE 179.003 certification for patient safety.
  6. Best stadiun in the world at the World Football Summit, the global congress on the football industry.

event or conference in Bilbao.

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